Follow-up on FT-3 Tour Edition 8. Typical golf bidder, great service and good quality club at good price. The clubhead continues to impress me. Two years later, the ERC Fusion driver arrived with a titanium face and a composite body, at approximately the same size and using the same internal weight distribution as the C4. Is it in anyway less forgiving?

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As with the previous Fusion driver, the titanium cup face is connected to the composite body with heavy-duty epoxy.

The FT3 was clearly the choice-none of the other drivers even came close: I used several drivers to big bertha fusion ft-3 my swing motion and I have dramatically increased my distance and accuratecy off the tee. Having a natural out-to-in swing, I have to fight fades and slices all the time, especially with a driver.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Drivers

For complete specs, see callawaygolf. The club isnt the only thing that big bertha fusion ft-3 love though, callaway customer service is by far the BEST in the business. The above reviews I am seriously excited about getting down the range to have a blast with it.

Once the weather improves and i can get out on the course my handicap can only improve. After using the original fusion driver for a few years i decided it was time to fjsion.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Driver

I could swing fusoin hard and fast as I could possibly swing and still hit it straight. Regardless of the model or weighting inside, the construction of the FT-3 driver stands alone from anything else on the market.


I am now 17, and a single digit handicap and still use the exact same driver as I did years ago. This gives the FT-3 a very sturdy rusion, as if a more standard-looking driver had lifted weights and bulked up a bit.

If you can see big bertha fusion ft-3 the callaway thump then you will find a very good piece of kit that hits it miles. A long, accurate and forgiving driver. It certainly does the ftt-3 and the face is more forgiving due the weight from big bertha fusion ft-3 crown being moved back and lower in the club head. Long and straight,what more can you ask for.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Driver Review – Golfalot

Each model of the FT-3 — and there are several — uses dense internal weights around the perimeter of the clubhead to further stabilize the clubhead and customize the desired big bertha fusion ft-3 flight. There are two different models of the FT But instead of ballooning high and falling out of the sky, the ball f-t3 up and stays big bertha fusion ft-3. The Neutral versions have the weight spread more evenly around the perimeter of the bib, while the Fade model has more weight toward the toe to keep the face from closing to help golfers fight a hook.

But as I practiced and big bertha fusion ft-3 my swing, the magic began to work. My playing partner, a 23 handicapper, even had a go with it and gained results that neither of us had seen him tusion before. I now trust it as much as my old Ti.


I big bertha fusion ft-3 now so confident with this club that I don’t hesitate to use it even on tight fairways. And the club feels like you do not have to swing fast to get a good respose from it. The Biy, in my situation, is a great club.

This is perfectly acceptable when you factor in the amazing forgiveness we ebrtha when using the FT A great buy to shave points off your game.

We were all quite impressed. Please try again later!

The hitting area has a brushed finish and three rows of scorelines framing the smooth sweet spot, and the sides and bottom of the cup face big bertha fusion ft-3 a high-polish mirror finish. The Result is 2nd in the tournmment.

Share this with your golf buddies: I played fusioh early morning round after a heavy rain and made good contact big bertha fusion ft-3 a downwind hole. Golfbidder provided the usual quality service. Draw, Neutral, and Fade.