This does not mean that you can take any loft head and change it to the one you want as changing the loft also increases the spin rate as we mentioned above so make sure that you get fit. Like a diesel engine, George needed some time to warm up during his fitting. Looking forward to trying out the fairwaywood. Tried the D2 demo at my club and liked it very much. A definite favorite; pear shape and tasteful finish with small alignment aid. My average drive with D2 is about to yards with run. A real standout; gives information you need on every shot—instantaneous, clean, crisp, responsive, springlike feel.

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The change helped him lower his spin rate rpm on average, while also opening the club face slightly to take the left side out of play. Sweet spot like eeview other!

Titleist 910 Driver Review

Best in class in several categories. But at the range i am only hitting about with several drivers and stock stiff shafts. However second impressions were very different, I changed the shaft for a Aldila Rip 60, which was more suited to my swing type, the difference was outstanding the ball flew of the club face and i was gaining at least 15 to 20 yards more than my previous D2.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It will not enhance your sex life, it may enhance the jealousy of your friends, review titleist 910 d3 it will not — on its own — lower your scores. I am very happy with my club however I am considering getting another shaft in S review titleist 910 d3. This means that the hosel avoids the spiked collar look that dogs neck locking systems and looks very similar to a normal hosel, so of course it looks great at address.


Slightly disappointed to be honest.

Tweaking lie angle between 1. This swing speed is a little higher than normal, and much like the Cleveland Xl where my swing speed was MPHI imagine the review titleist 910 d3 club weight helped get a couple extra MPH out of my swing.

Regarding the lie angle, imagine a perfectly fitted club at impact. The driver I tested out was the Titleist D3 9. Probably one of the best drivers Ive hit with the RIP shaft. I recommend anyone who wants a bit of extra distance to buy this club, you’ll love review titleist 910 d3

I was sold on the looks alone. I didn’t have time to play with the various adjustments, but the ball just came off flat and review titleist 910 d3 no real pop. I have the d3 with RIP shaft and love this driver.

Am curious to see what will happen when I change the review titleist 910 d3. I changed to a high draw c-3 and ended up hitting the ball yards longer around yards. Nearly impossible on that setting for me to snap hook review titleist 910 d3 which for a big hitter is what you often worry about the most.

So now when his drives hit the fairway, they will keep rolling. The former college golfer, now 34, has an ability to consistently contact drives in the center of the club face. My average drive with D2 is about to yards with run.


Titleist Driver Review – Golfalot

Titleist D3 Driver. A real standout; gives information you need on every shot—instantaneous, clean, crisp, responsive, springlike feel.

The revkew setting for you is determined by your local friendly Titleist fitter using a handy 4×4 matrix that Titleist have put together using numbers a letters that appear on the hosel sleeve and ring. It provided the stiffness he needed for straighter drives, but offered a smoother feel Note: Launch conditions spin, ball review titleist 910 d3, launch angles titleiat pretty much spot on, particularly after switching from A1 to B1.

Together, these advances put the Rwview review titleist 910 d3 in a class of their own, both on Tour and in the marketplace. First impressions count and this driver looked great, felt quality too with the Aldila RIP shaft.

The D2 model is the full cc and is a little more forgiving, while the D3 model is a little more compact, cc with a slightly taller face offering a more workable head. Beside the titleisg adjustable hosel, there are a number of other features that make this a great driver. Great review and great club. Finding the right shaft was a faster process that Chris expected. I love the feel and good looks.