A faulty param entry is also the cause for the bootloop into recovery problem experienced on some devices, here is a detailed analysis. Flashing allows you to change your ROM or parts of it by overwriting it. Pie Controls can be accessed by swiping on the side of the screen where is located default in the bottom. We weren’t able to find any results. An important difference to regular CWM is that to select an item in the menu, you use the Menu button and not the Home button which can act erratically sometimes.

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Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001 Hard Reset

If done properly within seconds you should see samsung galaxy s plus gt-i9001 screen with the green Android robot and the writing “Downloading The forum pplus for SmoothieICS [55]. It also comes with a large selection of MIUI apps including a music player, gallery, file manager, notes, clock etc. This is necessary for flashing, installing ROMs etc. Currently this only works on Samsung-based ROMs.

Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus

Logs from various applications and portions of the system are collected in a series of circular buffers, which then can be viewed and filtered by the logcat command. Easy rooting and unrooting guide by KeksKlip: Flash the zip inside CM9 recovery after doing a full wipe.


Additional information, about ROMs and their Basebands. Anonymous, 03 Mar My mobil runig is very slow what this How do i download whatsapp and facebook? Please inform yourself on responsible use of root privileges and do not grant unknown samsung galaxy s plus gt-i9001 suspicious apps root rights.

A lot of Odin-related problems during flashing seem to occur because samsung galaxy s plus gt-i9001 USB port problems. Once you replace the stock recovery with a more advanced recovery, you will also be able to install custom ROMs, make backups and much more. If you are stuck in a boot-loop, follow broodplank’s excellent guide on how to recover from a bootloop. Dude, 04 Apr Had it for 7 years.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus/GT-I – XDA-Developers

Phone information, Battery information, Usage statistics, Wifi information very useful for debugging, has ping test etc. They usually are tweaked and optimized and offer a smoother, faster experience than the stock ROMs.

If you have some trouble by using a rom, you should report these with almost all the informations you can give. There are plenty of users who can guide you. Please remember to samsung galaxy s plus gt-i9001 a category to the bottom of each page that you create. Some people have reported a bootloop that always boot into CWM recovery after ppus it using this package happens only on some devices.


All the apps you download will appear automatically among your other apps. These exact three ROM parts can then be restored by downloading the appropriate stock firmware from sammobile.

Partitions below 8 contain absolutely vital stuff like the primary boot loader responsible for low-level hardware initialization. WiFi driver test, use Menu button to select start transmission and receiving tests alternatively: Other things to try are to flash with or without external SD card inserted and with or without SIM card inserted.

Sometimes we want the clean install, without bloatware; and sometimes we want the full set of applications on our device. If this is the case for you, use version 2. This samsung galaxy s plus gt-i9001 has been tested on a soft-bricked device with a stock unbranded ROM.

The rooting procedure is only necessary if you are using a stock Samsung ROM. Warranty Register your product and find out what’s sammsung.

Compiling CM10 from source by Xistance. Deodexing puts them back into the. For new and existing orders: Ran great with Cyanogen.