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This means that if you are looking for a camera that you can use to take pictures sony cyber-shot dsc-p73 small objects for display on the Internet this camera would be a good choice.

Sony CyberShot DSCP73 Digital Camera – DISCONTINUED

See menus and descriptions below. A 16MB Cyber-xhot Stick comes with the camera, but I’d sony cyber-shot dsc-p73 also purchasing a larger capacity card so you don’t miss any shots. Available in all three Record modes by pressing the Sony cyber-shot dsc-p73 button, the Record menu offers the following options some options are not available in all modes:.

Tough as nails and simple to operate!

See the P73’s sample pictures page for a full analysis. The four arrow buttons sony cyber-shot dsc-p73 serve as external controls when the camera’s menus are turned off, or they can be used to scroll through captured images in Playback mode. Check out our free Photo School area! About average macro performance, but good detail.

Very good low-light focusing as well. Each serves multiple functions, navigating onscreen menus scrolling between captured images in playback mode, or activating different camera functions Flash, Self-Timer, Quick Review, and Macro. Battery life is very good sony cyber-shot dsc-p73 a two-AA cell camera, but I still strongly advise picking up a couple of extra sets of rechargeable AA batteries and packing them along on any extended outing.


All my workmates heard for the next 10 hours was “Can you believe that sony cyber-shot dsc-p73 does this? They offer a very respectable assortment of features and sophisticated capabilities, with good image quality, good ease of use, all at affordable prices. Still, this ridge is small sony cyber-shot dsc-p73 that you’ll probably want to keep the wrist strap securely in place while shooting.

If you’re looking for a good “all around” camera for an affordable price, the Sony DSC-P73 deserves consideration. When in Manual mode, information on the LCD to the right of these sony cyber-shot dsc-p73 tells you by how many EV units it thinks your exposure is off, up to plus or minus 2EV.

It even features PictBridge compatibility, so you can print directly from the camera without the need of a computer.

Sony DSC P73 Review

Candle mode is just for candlelit scenes, great dsc-p733 birthdays sony cyber-shot dsc-p73 services. In actuality, sony cyber-shot dsc-p73 Zoom” simply means that the camera doesn’t interpolate the cyber-sbot it crops from the center of the CCD array when zooming digitally.

Surrounded by the Mode dial, this button sets focus and exposure when halfway pressed, and fires the shutter when fully pressed. In fully manual mode you are able to select different apertures and shutter speeds. A small depression and associated sculpted ridge serve as a finger rest when holding the camera, improving your grip to a surprising degree.


Minor points such as the door used to load batteries opens and closes with a minimum of fuss. How do Sony cyber-shot dsc-p73 prevent pictures from being out of focus?

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P73

This limits the digital zoom range based on the currently-selected image size, with the 10x maximum zoom only available at the smallest image size, and digital dwc-p73 limited to 3. The 4-megapixel, 3x-zoom DSC-P73 is a fairly impressive upgrade to skny year’s P72 model, including a higher-resolution CCD, and greatly expanded features, all for a sony cyber-shot dsc-p73 introductory price than the P72 carried. A filmstrip icon marks this mode on the Mode dial.

Related Links More Information on this camera from Megapixel. You can shoot movies with the DSC P You can override the exposure with an exposure compensation adjustment though, cyber-ehot necessary feature for shooting subjects that are uniformly light or dark overall.

Click here to find cheap Memory Sticks. Sony cyber-shot dsc-p73 and Reviews Write a review. sony cyber-shot dsc-p73

Sony’s P-series cameras share a compact, yet somewhat elongated form factor, a design that I’ve long felt makes great good sense. Exposure is for the most part sony cyber-shot dsc-p73 controlled on the Soony, great for novices and casual users looking for simplicity.